Student project - writing a bachelor thesis

Being a student is an exiting period in life, but it can also be a bit stressful with all the new information and knowledge that needs to be found, processed and understood. Student life is busy - because of all the projects and theses that needs to be done. The need for being effective - and to use the right tools - are a key to avoid stress and chaos.

Learning to collaborate

Writing a bachelor thesis is a big and very important part of the studies. So Kjell-Kristian and Jeanett teamet up to collaborate on this big assignment in the journey to become an educated marketer.

The task was to write an academic study on a self picked theme within the world of marketing, based on facts from already existing studies and an extensive qualitative or quantitative marketing study with self-collected responses. The topic they chose was Growth Hacking, and they had 6 months to complete the thesis.

By using Correlate, the students were able to;

Plan the project in detail, share tasks and follow up on the progress.

They included the Table of Content in the Correlate map, and they could track the work by using check boxes and make sure things were done in time.

Store and share information they both created themselves and found on the web. They never had problems with duplicated or old versions of files.

Collaborate and share ideas also when they were not in the same place. It was easy to stay updated in the project - as everything could be found in one place.

The fact that they could add comments to the map also helped them to collaborate - even when they were not sitting together in the same room.

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