Home decoration - working across time zones

To carry out a "home makeover" can be a time consuming task, with a lot of searching and discussions about items, prices and how things fits together. The globe is the marketplace - and products can be found at eBay, Etsy, Amazon and on local marketplaces. Objects for sale are often very popular and are sold fast, so it is important to be updated, have all info in one place and be able to decide and act fast.

Search and find.

Lars and his wife had lived in the same flat for almost ten years. Wife decided to redecorate in retro style, because they both liked old things with history and charm. A problem with retro items is that they are not produced any longer, so it would be a huge task to search and find all the furnitures and items. To make it even more complicated, the wife went on a two months vacation to the oter side of the globe / USA:

By using Correlate, the couple were able to;

Find interesting objects and articles on the net, and share the information via a Correlate map.

Work as an effective team across borders and time zones.

Share maps and comments on each subject - and then agree and take mutual decisions.

Plan and follow up on bids, auctions and procured objects.

Keep the budget live and updated at all times.

Collaborate across oceans and time zones with Correlate

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