Project management - Restoring a vintage car

Restoring a vintage car can be a challenging task, There are many different tasks to be done, and a lot of things to learn. The web is flowing over of info and articles about how to do things. A lot of vendors offer parts and systems, but prices are different and quality is not always clear.

Such a project might take a long time to finish, so there are a lot of information to be searched for, studied and stored for later to be used.

Learning by doing

Lars had a 67 model Mustang when he was ´just a kid´, and has picked up the hobby of restoring cars as an adult. The hobby has taken off, and he now has five cars to restore and maintain. He is not a mechanic by education, so there is a lot of new knowledge to find and to be acquired. Each car might take several years to finish, so being able to follow up each car (project) in detail is both useful and necessary.

By using Correlate, Lars is able to;

Plan and follow up the task for each car. To-do lists with check boxes makes it easy to work as effective as possible.

Find and store relevant articles and Youtube videos, which can then be found easily later when it is needed.

Follow up the dialoge with vendors and workshops. Mails and offers are dragged from the integrated services and into each map

Keep a budget for each car - updated with actual costs and expected costs in the future. Each map has a link to to a spreadsheet with all the expected future costs.

Manage a project by using multiple cloud services from one place

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