Project management & collaboration - restructuring a business thesis

Managing a project with people using different cloud services and located in different places might be a challenging task. Correlate helped Per to simplify the process, involving and collaborating updated information at all times. Akkadia is a provider of high-value ruggedized solutions for camera, security and video surveillance systems. The company has offices and plants in the Netherlands, UK and Norway.

Transformation to commercial focus.

In the early stages Akkadia was focused on R&D, but as the customer base grew, there was a strong need to restructure and industrialize the company and become a more commercial organization. The objective was to expand and optimize the operation.

Per Rødland took the role as project manager and built a team with 6 people form all the 3 locations. The team was already using cloud services like One Drive, Dropbox and Drive, and of course Microsoft tools such as Excel and Word. Per used Correlate to "glue" together the different cloud services, so each team member could use what they already were familiar with.

By using Correlate, Per and his team were able to;

Start the process by structuring all the areas of the project and delegate roles, content creation and other tasks.

The flexibility of the product made it easy to adapt the structure as the project developed and changed.

By using check boxes and sharing comments, they could collaborate and follow up each task - securing progress.

The team - and other stakeholders - could always have the last updated information at hand. The old and familiar problem with duplicating files was solved.

Manage a project by using multiple cloud services from one place

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