Terms of Service

Terms of Service is that special message from our lawyers you have to accept in order to use our service. We’ll try our best to describe them here in an easy-to-understand way. Although you can expect the below content to change as we move from the beta to a full public launch, an updated version will be available on www.correlate.com at all times

.In addition to these terms, we have a pretty strict Privacy Policy you can check out as well. Should you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us, and we will try to help clarify any questions!

1. Your data
Correlate doesn’t actually move your files around; they are always stored on your original cloud account (whether that’s Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or other places you might have your content). The only thing we store is the structure and how you organize these files. (We cover this elsewhere in more depth, but we just mention this here to remind you that terms from those third-party services still apply.)

2. Registration and personal information
You obviously need to create an account to use and access Correlate, and during that process, we’ll take some personal information (like your name and email address). We only store information needed to create your account, although we do have a background system that makes it possible to contact you and help manage your account. This data won’t be used for anything other than handling your account — and maybe even sending you the occasional motivational message (in the highly unlikely situation you forget about us).

We won’t share any data unless needed, and any third parties with access to your data have all been carefully chosen by us.

3. Correlate’s intellectual property
Since we have lawyers, we of course protect our service with copyright laws. The lawyers said we needed to tell you that what we give you is a limited license to use our service. This has no practical influence for your use of our services.

4. Liability and errors
Yeah, liability is another one of those legalese words that we wanted to put on our “banned words” list, but then one of the lawyers strongly advised us not to, saying that we should inform you that we are not in any way, shape or form liable for violations including but not limited to copyright infringements or anything else regarding how you choose to use Correlate. In fact, they made us promise to inform you that any claims from third parties due to your use of Correlate remain your responsibility.

5. Underage users
We only need to know your age bracket since parents or legal guardians have to be involved if any underage Correlators violate our services. We’ll try our best to stay out of the way, but should anyone in that category violate these terms, that parent or legal guardian will actually be the one who has to take responsibility.

6. Changes to these terms and complete agreement
As mentioned in the introduction, these terms will be updated at some point. Our promise is that we will let you know and keep an updated version available here on our site. Combined with our Privacy Policy and a future subscription agreement, these pages form our complete agreement. You have to accept it all, and Correlate is the only party allowed to change the terms. Should you need a special deal or some changes to this agreement between us, simply contact us, and we’ll try to figure out something together!

7. Complaints and the small print
Since Correlate HQ is based in Oslo, Norway, these terms are governed by the laws of Norway, and any issues (although it must be said that, given our dislike of legalese, we really don’t want any legal issues) should be processed in the Oslo District Court as a legal venue. For what it’s worth, Norwegian law is pretty good at privacy and protecting both parties.

If you find that there’s a problem, we suggest that you contact us first before escalating things to a court. We’re a human-focused company, which means we’re available and will assist you however we can.

8. About Correlate
Correlate is a Norwegian corporation located in Oslo, Norway, with the registration number 915 464 505. We are a small team of dedicated people, so let us know if we can help you. (Even if you’re just wanting to come to Norway and need some travel tips; we know and love Oslo, which is a beautiful city!)


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