We never store your data.
We only link to where it's stored.

Cloud security is important to us. All communication with connected cloud services are encrypted to the highest standards.

We do not manage your stuff

Correlate creates a secure connection between your cloud services and your Correlate app, and any files you upload through Correlate remain stored in your primary cloud account. We don’t manage your files, and you can decide who you want to share the files with — keeping you in complete control.

We do not share your stuff

Making sure that you have full ownership over your information and files is extremely important to us. We would never share your files with anyone — in fact, we can’t even access any of your files and content!

We do not even see your stuff

All of your content can only be viewed by the people you show it to, either through the sharing function or in real life. Remember that we will never ask for access to — or even permission to read — any of your content.

So, what do we see, then?

The only information we capture about you includes your email address, the username that you choose and an overview of what you do inside Correlate. We never see specific content, files or information you map out with the tool; we can just see when you added a file from a specific cloud service. Still, we never see your Correlate board structures or what your files contain.

Want to learn more about how much we value your cloud security and privacy within the cloud? Take a look at our privacy policy.

What we do for your cloud security

We work hard to keep your data secure. Here are a couple of technical measures we take to increase your cloud security.

SSL 2048-bit encryption, using TLS 1.2

We encrypt your data with a 617-digit-long code when it’s sent between your computer and our servers. (That would take an average computer more than 14 billion years to crack.)

Online authorization

Whenever you connect a new cloud service to your Correlate account, we will ask the third-party’s servers to verify that you own the account you are trying to connect to. You might have to verify that with a username and password connected to that account.

One-way hashed passwords

Hashed passwords make sure that you are the only one who can see your password, so your account is secure from any potential hackers. Even we will never be able to find out what your password is (although you can reset your password if you forget it).

Two-way authentication

Whenever you try to reset your password, you will receive an email from us with instructions on how to continue. Since anyone who would try to reset your password would need access to your email to be successful, this extra step helps keep your account secure.