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Preview and open items in Cloud Bar

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what an item contains just by looking at the name. That’s why you’re able to preview and open files and emails directly from the Cloud Bar.

Previewing items

Every time you click on a file stored in one of your cloud drives, you automatically preview its content. Take a look at the screenshot below.
If there’s more content in your file than what the initial window of the preview is showing, you can easily scroll down to see more.
If you think the preview is a little annoying, you can easily close it by clicking ones on the name of the file.
Remember that this feature only works on Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. If you want to view a file from Dropbox or an email from Gmail, you’ll have to open the item.

Opening items

If you feel that the preview function isn’t showing enough information for you, then you can just open the item itself. This is done in different ways depending on what cloud service the item is stored on.
On Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive, all you have to do is double-click on the files name.
If you want to open an email, you’ll have to click on the “Open” link that pops up right underneath the text content when you highlight it.

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