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Your Mapboard is where you’ll find all Maps you have access to. Your Maps are presented on your Mapboard as cards showing key pieces of information about the Map to help you identify what its content is all about.
Still not sure what a Correlate Map is? Click here to learn more about Maps.
To explain the Mapboard, we’ll divide it into two sub-sections:

Map tabs

Your Mapboard is divided into 4 or more tabs, depending og how many Teams you have created and are e member of.
When you start to use Correlate, you will always have 4 tabs; All, Personal, Shared and Team +.  All Maps you have created yourself will be added to Personal.  If someone shares a map with you, that map will be found under Shared. Maps created from Team +, will appear as the name they are given. It is as simple as that.
Now, Team maps work somewhat differently. In addition to have the Personal and Shared tabs at your disposal, you’re also able to create so-called Team Maps. These are Maps that all team members have access to. You’re also able to move Maps you own between different tabs. Click here to learn more about how you move Maps.

Mapboard content

This is where you’ll find all Maps that belong inside a Map tab. They are presented in a list of cards, where each card shows some very general information about the Map you’re looking at.
All, Personal, Shared and Team Maps all look completely the same (except for the fact that the content will most definitely be different),
All, Personal, Shared and Team Maps

This figure show an example where several Team maps are created

Managing Maps
While working with your Maps on the Mapboard, you can categorize Maps, share them, move them between tabs, duplicate, rename, download and delete. And of course, you can create new Maps.
After you’ve worked on your Maps by categorizing and naming them something you can recognize, you can filter out and search for the Maps you’re looking for.

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