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An item is a piece of information written on a Correlate Map. You can basically say that a Correlate Map is a whiteboard, while all your items are everything that is written on that whiteboard.
An item can be added to Correlate in multiple different ways. Click here to learn more about all the different methods.
When you’ve created and selected an item you would like to modify, you can change its appearance like color, font weight and move it up and down the Map using the toolbar on the right side of your Correlate interface.
If you want to change the item type, you can right click on the item you want to change and select between four different item types. Other item types are created by adding links.
There’s a wide amount of different item types in Correlate, all useful for different purposes:
Regular text item – This item type is commonly used when writing notes. The first time you create an item inside a new Map, that item will be a regular text item. Although, if you change the item type to something else, the next item you create will be of that new item type.
Checkbox item – A checkbox item adds another property to the regular text item, as it allows you to check off the box. This is great for creating checklists, like task lists or packing lists.
Instruction item – When you collaborate with multiple people on the same map, its purpose might not be clear enough for everyone by just looking at the name of the Map. by adding an instruction item to your Map, you can add extra information to it so you avoid any unnecessary confusion.
Folder item – if you create a child item, the item that contains this child item will automatically be converted into a folder item. Remember that a folder item can also be another item type, like a link item or a title item. The best way to see if an item is a folder, is by checking if there’s a small arrow between the text and the item type icon. If the item was originally a regular text item, the icon will look like the one above.
Link item – Whenever you bookmark a link from your browser this will be a link item. You can also convert a regular text item to a link item by adding a link to the item using the Details layer on the right side of your Correlate interface.
File/email item – Very similar to the Link item, the file or email item is defined when it has a link connected to it. The main difference is that a file or email item can be added through your connected cloud services.

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