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Collaboration is one of the key concepts of Correlate, and the whole idea of Team Maps is based on it. With a Team Map, you’re able to share Correlate Maps quickly with all your teammates. Inviting others to join your Team Map is a good way to start to collaborate.
As you can see on the top of the Correlate screen, you have different tabs for your maps. Correlate gives you the option to work in teams and collaborate with others via Team Maps.  A Team Map is the best option if you want to collaborate on gathering and sharing content with a specific group of other users.  This could be co-workers, classmates, or other people you work with on regular basis. Here is how you set one up.
You’Click on the button market with red, and you will be directed to a page looking like this.
Name your team something that can easily identify what its all about.  This could be your company name, the name of your football team or maybe your family name. Its all up to you. After you’ve chosen a badass name for your team, click “Create team” to move on.
You have now created a Team Map, and the name of the team you created will appear in the Tab bar.
You are now ready to set up the team and manage the settings.  You can invite members, and they will have access to all the maps created in the Team tab. The settings allows you to change visual preferences and organizing tools, such as categories and labels. Click on the team you want to set up, and this screen will appear.
In order to start to collaborate with your team, you need to invite them. Click on the “Invite a team member” field, enter the email address and the permission you want to give. Click “Invite” and you have a team 🙂

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