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Sometimes you don’t want all information related to an item as part of its name. That’s why we have created the concept of Descriptions in Correlate.
A Description lets you add an additional 180-character of text to your item, in addition to its actual name. While there’s no limit to how many characters an items name can consist of, some extra information might not be crucial enough to be added as part of the name.
A classic example would be when you’ve bookmarked something from a cloud drive, and need to add some context to it. If you still want to display the original name of the file in your Correlate Map, adding the additional information as a description can be very useful.
A Description for an item can be created and viewed using three methods in Correlate. The first method is to click on the double arrow in front of the name of your Map. Then you’ll be able to see the descriptions added to all your items.
You can also click on the black triangle on the left side of the specific item you want to read the description on. Whenever a description is added to an item, it will be marked with that icon.
The third and last method is to go into the items Details view. Click on the double arrow in the toolbar and all extra information, like any potential links or Descriptions added to it, will be displayed on the right side of your Correlate interface. Remember that you have to highlight the item you would like to view more details about before you can click on the double arrow. If not then you’ll see additional information about the Map itself, not an individual item.

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