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A Map is your workspace in Correlate. It is designed as a tree structure where you can write down notes, create checklists and bookmark websites as well as documents and files from cloud services with a simple drag&drop.

Creating a Map in Correlate is the first step to organize your online stuff. Create a new one by clicking on the big blue + button at the bottom center of your Mapboard.
After you’ve pressed the blue button, your Map is created and added to your Mapboard. Next up is to name your Map something that will make you recognize it. Double-click on the text “Name your map…” to change its name.
When you’ve given your Map an awesome name that you can find your way back to, it’s time to start adding some content to it. To easily add a link to your Map, drag&drop it (1) from one of your integrations of from your browser. If you just want to add a plain note or a checkbox, click the big blue button (2) in the bottom right corner. Learn more about how to create a new item by clicking here.
If you want to learn more about how to add items and what kind of items that’s available, click here.

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