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After you’ve created your first Map, it’s time to start adding content, or Items as we call it. There’s many different Item categories in Correlate. You can add links, notes, checkboxes, titles, and more. Click here to read more about Items and Item types.

There are multiple ways to add new Items to your maps. Each method are useful in different use cases, depending on what information you’re looking to add to Correlate. You can add files and emails from connected cloud accounts, links from your web browser, or create an item from scratch using the blue + button
Let’s start out with the dragging & dropping of files directly from your cloud accounts.

Drag&Drop from Cloud Layer

This method is great for bookmarking files and emails stored within one of your cloud services. Start by finding the file or email you want to bookmark in the Cloud Layer and just drag & drop the item anywhere in your Map.

Drag&Drop from Web-browser

The above mentioned method is great for bookmarking items stored on your connected cloud services, but you can’t find everything inside the Cloud Layer. If some piece of information that you want to bookmark isn’t located in any of your connected cloud accounts, you can drag the link from your web browser into a Correlate Map. Here’s how:
First find the link to the information you want to bookmark. Then you click on the round “i”-icon on the right side of the link (if the page is secured with a https, the icon will be a lock instead) when using Google Chrome or Firefox. On Safari, just click directly on the link and then drag it over to your Correlate Map.

Drop the link wherever you want it in your Map.

Creating Items from scratch using “+” button

While bookmarking is a key concept inside Correlate, you can add many other types of information. Usually you create these from scratch.

The most common way to create items from scratch is to click on the big blue “+” icon in the bottom right of your Correlate interface.
After clicking on the blue button, a textbox will appear in your Map. Start typing whatever it is you want to write.
After you’ve written down something, you can make different changes to your item. Right click on the item to open the dropdown menu shown in the screenshot below.
If you want to add a checkbox, click on the “Switch to checkbox” link. If you want to add a new title, click on the “Switch to title” link. You can also add a new item by clicking on the “New item” link or add one inside the one you just created by clicking on “New child item”.
If you want to learn more about the different item types in Correlate, click here

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