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A Map is your workspace in Correlate. It is designed as a tree structure where you can write down notes, create checklists and bookmark websites as well as documents and files from cloud services.
All your Maps are located on your Mapboard. Here you can make high-level changes to the Maps, like organizing them with color categories and labels, adding them to favorites, renaming, moving them, but also searching for and deleting Maps.
All your Maps are formed as cards on your Mapboard, presented as a list. Take a look at the screenshot below. In the future, we will introduce other options to view your Maps.
You can only have one Map up at a time. If you want to open up a new Map, click on the tab that the new Map is located under. That could be “Personal”, “Shared” etc. The amount of tabs available depends how many Teams you have created or are a member of.
If you have two Correlate Maps that are related to each other, a nice little trick is to bookmark a public link to one of your Maps on the related Map. Learn how to create a public link to a Correlate Map by clicking here.
Inside a Correlate Map, all your notes, bookmarks and checklists are listed as a tree structure. If there’s a link to a file or email inside any of your connected cloud services, a fitting icon can be found on the left side of the files/emails name. If there’s a link, a link icon will appear. Remember that these icons only show up if your item is defined as a text item. A checkbox, title or instruction will have its own icons connected to them, and will overwrite the icon related to the link/email/file. Click here to read more about item types.

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