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To make it easier for you to find your way back to a Correlate Map, you can mark it out using color-codes and labels.
Labels and color-codes work in very similar ways. They are both given individual names and can be used to filter out results when searching and browsing through your Correlate Maps.
They are, however, added to and viewed on Maps in different ways.


Color-coding adds a colored line on the Maps card on the Mapboard. In addition, some elements inside the Map will change from the standard color of orange to the color-code you’ve added. If you have more than one color-code assigned to your Map, the first color you added will decide the elements colors. You can add as many color-codes to a Map as you want.
Each color-code has a predefined name. You can change the name of your color-codes inside your settings under Organizing Tools.
To change the name of a color-code, click on the grey pen icon (1) that pops up when you hover over the name of a color-code. When you click on it, the name of the color-code will be highlighted with a grey background (2). Delete the text and type in the name you would like to call it.
When using a Team Account, the name given to color categories will be universal for the entire team. In the screenshot above you can see that Kon-Tiki Travel Agency have called the purple color “Partners”. If a team member creates a new Map under My Maps and color-codes it with purple, that will still be tagged as “Partners” even though he didn’t give that color its name and the Map he created isn’t shared with anyone. Only administrators and owners of the team can edit color categories.


Since color-codes are limited to the total amount of 6 categories, you can create and mark Maps using labels.
These labels can be viewed slightly different than color-codes on a Correlate Map card on the Mapboard. Instead of having a colored line added to the Map, there will be a text box shown in the lower left corner of the Map card.

Adding the first label to a map

In order to add the first label to a Map, hover over the card on your Mapboard and a button saying “Add label” will show up. Click on it.
A pop-up box will then appear. Choose between the existing labels, or type in to create a new one.

Adding a second label to your map

After adding the first label on a Map, you have to click on the three dots in the upper right corner of your Map card to add new labels or remove existing ones.
In the dropdown menu, choose “Manage labels”.
After clicking on the “Manage labels” link, a pop-up box will appear. Here you can search for and browse through existing labels that have been created by either you or someone else on your team.
If you need to create an entirely new label and want to instantly add it to your Map, just type in the name in the search box (1) and click on the create button at the bottom of the dialogue box (2).

Deleting an existing label

To delete an existing label, you’ll have to go into your settings menu. Click on the Team icon (on Team Accounts) or your profile picture (on Personal Accounts) in the upper right corner of your Correlate interface.
In the following dropdown menu, click on Team Settings (for Team Accounts) or My Settings (for Personal Accounts).
When you’re in the settings menu, navigate to the Organizing tools tab in the menu to your left (1). If you scroll down a bit, you’ll see a list of all labels you’ve created. Hover over the one you would like to delete and click on the “X” next to it (2).

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