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At the top of your Correlate Interface, you can find a blue section that we call the Account Bar. This is where you can access things like your settings or log out of your account.
There’s two main functions available on the account bar: You can either click on the logo to go back to your My Map tab on the Mapboard, or click on your profile picture/team icon to open a dropdown menu with additional actions you can take.
Going back to My Maps
Opening the dropdown menu
After clicking on your profile picture or the team icon, a dropdown menu shows up, looking something like this:
The menu will look different based on what account type you’re using, and what permissions you’re given.
As you can see in the last section of the menu, you’re able to be logged into multiple accounts at the same time. So if you work in multiple companies or prefer to keep your personal life and work life separate, you can easily work on multiple accounts in Correlate. Click here to learn more.

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