Google Drive

Google Drive is great for storing all kinds of files in the cloud. The app lets you create and collaborate on Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Google Slides and other applications Google Drive supports.

Connect your Correlate account with your Google Drive and search through content, preview what you've found, and Drag&Drop that content into a Correlate Map to make sure you don't lose it again.

Don't have a Google Drive account? Click here to sign up for one.

Bookmark files stored in your Google Drive

 Search for files stored in your Google Drive

What you can do

  1. Access all your files and content spread across multiple Google Drive accounts
  2. Search for files and content you’ve lost within your Cloud Drives
  3. Preview things you find, without ever leaving the Correlate app
  4. Open up files directly from the Cloud Layer
  5. Bookmark your files in a Correlate Map, so you won’t risk losing it again

Connect more Cloud Drives with Correlate