Google’s very own email service is one of the big email applications out there. It’s completely free with a 15 gigabyte storage space available, so you don’t have to worry about any storage issues. As a Google application, it works really well with other services like Google Calendar, Google Drive and Google Docs.

Connect Gmail with your Correlate account to search for, preview and bookmark important email threads without ever leaving the Correlate app. Collect all information related to one of your projects at home or at work, like Google Docs, Spreadsheets and any email threads you find relevant.

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What you can do

  1. Browse through your emails
  2. Quickly switch between multiple Gmail accounts
  3. Search for email threads to quickly find those you’re looking for
  4. Preview your emails inside the Correlate app, or just open it from the cloud layer
  5. Bookmark important emails to quickly find your way back to them

Using Google Drive alongside Gmail?

See how Correlate works with Google Drive