Q: Do you store files in Correlate, and do I have to move my files to yet another online file storage?

A: Nope, we at Correlate do not store your files on our computers. What we do, is link to them. That means your files do not leave your Google Drive, OneDrive or harddrive. By using the links in Correlate, you can access them directly from one place, without the need to copy them anywhere first.

Q: I’m concerned about my online privacy, what is your privacy policy?

A: That’s a valid concern, and we take extensive measures to make sure our privacy policy is in accordance to the strict rules of the Norwegian privacy rules. You can read more about this in our privacy policy.

Q: I didn’t get my invite code!

A: We hand out invite codes on a first come, first served basis. You haven’t been forgotten, but just in case you might check the spam filter to see if the mail was put there by mistake.

Q: What happened to the old version of Correlate?

A: The Correlate Preview version will focus on cloud based file systems and bulid on the concepts from older versions of Correlate. If you have used Correlate in the past, you’ll quickly be familiar with the concepts and able to take Correlate into the new era of online file storage.

Q: I have a question that’s not included here.

A: That’s cool, just drop us an email at hello@correlate.com and we’ll get beck to you as soon as possible.