Redecorating a home with ease

When the couple Lars and Maria decided they wanted a retro-styled apartment, they suddenly faced a bunch of challenges. Since the items aren’t mass-produced anymore, most of them are sold on online markets.

So the couple adopted Correlate to share and manage the items they’ve found.

By Kristian Male

Published on February 27, 2019

The project may sound pretty simple: You just head over to Ikea and pick out what looks good enough. But what if you want something out of the ordinary? A style rarely mass-produced anymore? Suddenly you’re facing an endless hunt online for the right furniture. This sends you into a messy situation with hundreds of tabs in your browser and no way of organizing everything.

This was a problem Lars and Maria faced when they decided to redecorate their home. They got bored of a mass-produced home and longed for a retro style that was hard to find these days. The globe suddenly became their marketplace – finding items for sale on Amazon, EBay and Etsy. On top of it all, it became even tougher for them to collaborate and share ideas when Maria took a 2 month long trip to the other side of the world.

They needed somewhere to share ideas and gather all online marketplaces that held the items they were looking for. They found exactly that in Correlate. Ïf Maria or Lars found something new and interesting , it became easy for them to instantly share that item and find their way back to it later.

“Correlate makes it possible for me to find and store info about interesting objects. By sharing it with my husband we could work together on this – even when I was in another place and in another time zone.”

Maria, Home decorator

Seamless collaboration across time zones

Thanks to Correlate, sharing ideas and thoughts became so much easier for the couple, even when Maria was out travelling. Whenever either one of them found a new item, all they had to do was add it to a Map in Correlate and the other could take a look when they woke up.

Discussing items through the comment feature

At times it became hard to sit down and look at the items they found together. They had two separate work schedule and Maria’s 2 month long trip to deal with. They couldn’t actually sit and wait for the other to get home either. The online auction market is quite faced-paced, so they had to pull the trigger when opportunities emerged.

Thanks to the commenting feature in Correlate, the duo could get feedback from each other without waiting forever to show off the product. It was easy for them to simply just take a look on-the-go.

Quick access to their budget stored in Google Drive

Since all items they considered buying were accessible through Correlate, it was just natural for them to add in a spreadsheet with the budget and actual expenses to the mix. That way, the couple had access to everything they needed for their redecoration project.

Whenever they found a new item, both Lars and Maria could easily check if the item was within their budget. They also had quick access to a simple spreadsheet containing their current expenses. That way it became easier for them to see how much money they had left for the project.

The power-couple became experts at working together with Correlate at their side, no matter the obstacles. Sharing ideas and thoughts through a Correlate Map eliminated the challenge of conflicting plans, as they could take a look in the Map whenever they had time. All they had to do was notify each other that they’ve found something new and exciting.

Finding the correct items was never the challenge for them. It was all about having a shared place to find interesting and cool items, and not needing to trace their digital steps to find their way back to a specific sale. They finally had a place to solve this: Correlate.

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