How Correlate helped two Marketing students write the perfect Bachelor Thesis

Working on a big student project this semester? If so, take a look at how two marketing students from BI Norwegian Business School used Correlate to work more efficient on their Bachelor Thesis.

By Kristian Male

Published on February 12, 2019

The life of a student can be though. Managing multiple classes and writing comprehensive theses’ is a challenge in itself. That’s why Kjell-Kristian and Jeanett adopted Correlate when facing their biggest challenge yet: their bachelor thesis.

The two marketing students from BI Norwegian Business School was assigned with writing an academic paper. The tobic had to contribute to research within the field of Marketing Management, but otherwise they were free to choose any fitting subject. The study was to include existing research, as well as their own marketing study with their own data.

Kjell and Jeanett quickly noticed the challenge of managing huge loads of information spread across a wide range of channels. So they started looking for a tool that could help them solve their issues. They wanted something to index everything from notes taken during class and meetings with their professor, to task lists, to documents in Google Drive and existingresearch papers found online.

Luckily they found Correlate, a platform that gave them pretty much everything they needed for the project. They could easily index and keep tabs on everything to finish their paper on time and with a high standard.

“Correlate helped us to work together much more efficiently. I really liked that it was so easy to get started, share info and collaborate with my co-student.” 

Kjell-Kristian, former student @ BI Norwegian Business School

Getting quick access to what they needed, no matter where it was stored

The duo had plenty of files and information scattered around. Notes from meetings with their professor, articles published online, project documentation, and sound recordings and notes from interviews. All the content was scattered online, and keeping tabs on everything proved to be a huge challenge for the two students.

But with Correlate, the two found a place to gather everything in one place, eliminating the fear of losing content. They also didn’t need a hundred different tabs up at once, because they had everything they needed inside Correlate.

With the Gmail integration, Kjell and Jeanett could quickly find relevant emails in the same place as everyhting else. This could be conversation they’ve had with their professor, or with potential interview subjects.

Sharing ideas and content, making it much easier to work from separate places

While the two students preferred to sit in the same room and work on the project together, there were times this proved to be quite difficult. This force them to work across vast distances from each other. The thesis took over six months to write and both of them had to travel during the period. But the assignment was so large that they couldn’t really afford taking any breaks.

Luckily Correlate made it very easy for them to share information and continue working, no matter the distance. Whenever one of the two found a new research paper somewhere, they just added it to Correlate and the other person could have a look at it. If a document got changed, they just made a comment on it in Correlate with a quick changelog.

Taking simple and quick notes from meetings with their professor

While Correlate proved to be an excellent hub for files scattered across multiple drives, the two students also found it quite useful to just jot down notes during meetings with their professor. They had quick access to great tips from someone with more experience than themselves, through previously written notes.

So they avoided working with a messy notebook filled with random scribble that was really hard to share between the two. They avoided storing files on an individual hard drive only accessible by one student. They had everything they needed in one place: Inside Correlate.

“I prefer to keep things simple and organized. While the internet has certainly made it much easier for students, there’s also a bunch of new challenges that popped up along the way. On past projects, it’s been extremely hard to keep the workflow streamlined when I’ve had to manage a ton of browser tabs and way to many apps for my computer to handle.”, Jeanett tells us when we met the duo.

“But suddenly my stress level dropped a couple of levels, when me and Kjell found out that we could just keep everything we needed easily accessible inside Correlate. Things moved a lot quicker and the project got done in no time!” she added. So the duo found some extra time to focus on something much more important than looking for lost information. They could finally focus fully on actually writing their thesis and collecting the right data.

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