How Per and Akkadia used Correlate to restructure their whole company as they turned multinational

“Correlate made it easy to structure the project and involve my colleagues. We saved a lot of time, collaborated very well and became more efficient.” Here’s how the Security & Surveillance company Akkadia went multinational with Correlate in its toolbelt.

By Kristian Male

Published on January 31, 2019

Akkadia definitely has a lot to celebrate these days. The camera, security and video surveillance company has grown exponentially and they can finally call themselves a multinational company with offices in UK, Norway and Netherlands! But now the company suddenly faced a new challenge: How do you manage such an extensive business transition?

That’s when Per Rødland jumped in and saved the day for Akkadia. He built a team with 6 people from all three locations. Their goal: expand and optimize the companies operations across borders.

The 6 hard working project members wasn’t the usual team and hadn’t been working too much with each other before. This gave the team a couple of challenges: First, how to easily share information across such vast distances? Second, what kind of tools should they use? Some preferred Microsoft products like OneDrive and Word, while others preferred Google wide range of apps.

So Per started digging around, trying to find a great workaround that made all team members happy. That’s when he found Correlate, a platform that enabled the team to work better together no matter their differences.

“The product is intuitive and easy to use. Correlate is great for due diligence and business plan development, as well as project management.”  

Per Rødland, Project Manager @ Akkadia

“Gluing” together cloud services

It was hard for Per to settle on a select few cloud services, as each member had their own preferences. So with the help of Correlate, he let the team continue using their preferred tools and used Correlate as a place to access the content from each cloud service. Thanks to Correlate,  Per and his team avoided the process of migrating from one service to another.

Keeping everyone updated, no matter the distance

“Correlate made it easy to structure the project and involve my colleagues. We saved a lot of time, collaborated very well and became more efficient.”, explains Per.

The app helped Per and his team to structure every part of the very extensive project they faced. It was also easy for Per to delegate roles and any associated tasks the role contained. Per could easily track the progress each team member made on their work. All files were linked to in Correlate, and each task was tracked in the same place. Whenever someone finished writing a piece of document, they just checked it off and pinged Per and the rest of the team that they could have a look.

If anyone had something very general to say about the document, they just commented on it inside Correlate. If there was something more specific, they just opened up the file and used Google Docs or Words own commenting system.

So Akkadia quickly solved a make-it or break-it level challenge. They quickly made the transition from an early-stage company to grow up as a multinational company. Thanks to Correlate, the process became so much easier.

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