There's plenty of great time saving tools out there. Here's a lift of 7 great ones.

Time is something we try hard to gain control of. The laws of physics won’t let us really! The overflow of information has always been a thorn in the side for companies. One might think that the digitalization would solve this issue, but it’s still something many businesses struggle with on a daily basis.

Luckily there’s a bunch of  great time saving tools out there that can help us gain some control. Here’s our favorite 7 tools for saving time.

Earlier, we gave you a list of tips that will help you save time at work. One point covered that you should not manage too many applications and services, but rather limit the amount.

Still, there’s no arguing the fact that there’s many great time saving tools that can really help you save some valuable time, each in it’s own way. It’s just important to keep in mind that they should be handled correctly.

While there’s an endless amount of services out there that save you time in their own way, here’s our favorite selection of tools.

Google Drive

Google Drive is already adopted by many companies and private users. These people have probably already forgotten how life is without the tool. Still there’s some who haven’t discovered the vast amount of benefits to gain from using it.

Sharing information, working with others and working across devices are just a couple of advantages to gain from using Google Drive. If you’re not a huge fan of Google, there’s always other options, like Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and Box.

Many however end up with multiple accounts, like two Google Drive accounts and one for Dropbox. This isn’t ideal, as it’s sort of the same as working with multiple devices but on a completely digital level. If this happens however, check out Correlate and see how you can manage multiple cloud accounts.


This is definitely one of the ultimate time saving tools available. Distractions are everywhere online. RescueTime tells you how many of them you are struck by.

It basically shows what websites and apps you spend your time on when using your computer. You can set goals for how productive you want to be, receive a productivity score and a weekly summary.


Launchy is a great tool that’s been around forever. You basically download this small application that lets you open any other application by just searching for its name. It’s simple, saves you time and eliminates the issue with an overflowing desktop.

If you’re using a Mac, Spotlight works exactly in the same way. Just click “Command” and “Space” and Spotlight opens on your Mac.


Forgetting passwords are extremely irritating and time consuming. Going through the forgotten password process is something most people would like to avoid, and with good reason.

LastPass gives you a secure platform to store all your passwords. It also automates tedious tasks like creating and writing in passwords when signing in, making it a favorite among time saving tools.


It can be a real hassle to find files you’re looking for if you got more than one cloud account. With Correlate you can search for files stored across all your cloud accounts to find the one you need. If you want to save it for later, just bookmark it in what’s called Maps.

Inside a Map, you can also take notes or write down task lists. It’s all up to you really!


Buffer is a great way to make social posting much easier. If you are active at more than just one single social media channel, you can use Buffer to post something across accounts.


While it’s mostly used for marketers and social media influencer, nothing stops someone who uses social media for personal use to take advantage of Buffer. It’s free, so just get started.


IFTTT (or If This Then That) is a quite cool app that automate both small and larger tasks. The automations are called Applets. You can either create your own or pick something you find useful from the large database that’s already there.

A cool example of an Applet available in IFTTT is that every new event added to your iOS Calendar is also added to your Google Calendar.

There’s also a bunch of other tools out there that will help you save time. The all-mighty Google Search is a classic example. It’s the go-to search engine for almost 92% of internet users, and there’s a reason for that.

The time used for setting up all these tools are definitely worth the output. So our recommendation is to get started asap!