Team-building at Correlate : An autumn hike in the Oslo area and full-day workshop

Last week the whole Correlate team headed out into the Norwegian woods for some team building activities and a full-day workshop.

By Kristian Male

Published on October 10, 2018

As our team has grown significantly over the last couple of months, we decided to get together for a teambuilding in the northern woods close to downtown Oslo. We also took the opportunity to brainstorm ideas around how we can make Correlate even better.

Oslo is a city with nature lurking almost right outside your door. The city is surrounded by forest on almost every angle, making it very easy to find some great hiking trails without taking the train or driving for hours.

Day 1: A walk in true norwegian nature

So we decided to pack our bags and hike up to one of the gems you can find in Nordmarka, Kobberhaughytta. The plan was to walk from Sognsvann to the cabin with a short pitstop at Ullevålseter, a 10km walk in total.

Despite the heavy rain we’re accustomed with here in the Norway, the trip up to the cabin was a great experience. Norwegian nature is packed with beautiful colors all over the place, making this a perfect time for a walk in the woods. After walking for 3 hours in total we, a soaking wet group of people, arrived at Kobberhaughytta and couldn’t wait to take a warm shower and jump in the sauna.

We were pretty amazed by how great the local norwegian cabin was, and that you could find something like this so close to Oslo city. Normally this cabin is packed with up to 90 bypassers on a hiking or skiing trip, enjoying a hot cup of coffee and waffle close to the biggest and most cozy fireplace in all of Nordmarka. But we were so lucky to actually have the whole cabin all to our self both throughout Thursday and Friday.

The evening that followed were spent playing cards and board games, as customary when on a true norwegian cabin trip. Later in the evening we got served a fantastic home cooked meal by the amazing cabin hosts.

Day 2: Workshop and hiking back to civilization

The sky cleared up the next morning, making it an obvious move to start the day with a fresh walk around the lake next to the cabin. So we finished up our breakfast and donned our hiking shoes once again. The trip didn’t take more than 30 minutes but was a great way to catch some air before the long expected workshop that we’d all been waiting for.

To kickstart the workshop, I took on the job to recap the history of our company to give our new teammates a quick introduction to the legacy of Correlate. This was followed by some great discussions for how we will move forward on developing our app and new ideas for both design and functionality.

The workshop was a great opportunity for us to brainstorm ideas outside of our familiar environment at the office in downtown Oslo. Each department had the opportunity to receive feedback and share knowledge with the rest of the team, while enjoying a hot cup of coffee and some ‘boller’.

There’s a great amount of new things in store for Correlate in the next couple of months, and we can’t wait to present it to you all. So stay tuned on FacebookTwitter, or right here on this blog to get the latest updates on what’s going on.

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