Meet the people: A day in the life of our CEO

There’s never really a normal day at the office for this guy. Being the CEO of a Nordic startup company, Phillip is constantly doing something to keep the clouds moving ?

By Kristian Male

Published on December 8, 2017

After multiple years working for companies big and small Phillip has noticed the challenges both professionals and individuals face on a global scale. One key change has been the emergence and adoption of cloud services in daily life from every corner of the internet. But how did he catch up on that?

Phillip has been connected online almost as long as he can remember. With his first computer at 8, his first server at 13, and starting his first IT company at 15, he has always deeply believed in the power of the internet to bring people and ideas together. It has driven him all his life.

Being a half ‘n half American/Norwegian, Phillip moved from Oslo to California in 1988 and grew up at the beaches. After graduating from Orange County School of Arts, he moved across the country to study Business Administration in Informational Systems and Mathematics at Boston University. During one of our more friendly chats about past and present lives I casually asked him if he ever went full-American and joined a “frat” house. He answered “Heck yeah I did!” and ran off to a business call.

After graduation Phillip spent 6 years and 500+ flights traveling the world working for successful tech companies like CSC, Opera, with a few startup stories along the way. Even after growing up on the beach and traveling the globe Oslo was simply calling his name and he landed the position as Mobile Product Manager and PR spokesperson at Opera HQ in Oslo.

After 8 years at Opera the startup itch needed to be scratched again, so Phillip jumped head first into the startup blue ocean joining Correlate in 2015.

Some quick facts about Phillip


Phillip Grønvold: Chief Executive Officer
Internal Office Title: Director of Awesomeness
Fun fact: Engage in the occasional inside BBQ
Like: Hipster food & cheeses
Dislike: The status quo

Question 1: What do you spend a normal day working on?

“Solving startup problems with vision and passion. That being said it’s impossible to address everything at the same time. That’s why I think prioritization and time management are the real key to success. To help keep the right perspective I have a daily goal to engage and listen to customers, partners, marketing, and our development team. It’s amazing how much you can learn and help others when you just take the time to listen to ideas and suggestions.

While my passion is to work with our product vision, strategy, and roadmap, I do in reality spend a lot of time traveling, speaking, meeting with investors, and evangelizing the Correlate vision. I find that the best time and place to talk with stakeholders are in local and global groups, at events, and conferences.”

Question 2: What’s the future plans for the company and the product?

“The future of Correlate is on the rise. In 2017 we released our first web app at The company is doubling in size in 2018 to build out our platform, products, and services, including our mobile apps for iOS and Android. Fun times!

Our vision is simple, massive, and global: To cure digital chaos in daily life. We see the use of online services in daily life exploding. With the increased use of online services comes the unavoidable chaos of managing information on those separate but awesome services. How can you move quickly over a bridge when it’s about to fall apart?  How to take your cake, and eat it too? Correlate is building the platform and tools to help you reduce the daily information overload and chaos.”

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