Managing tasks is something everyone need to worry about. That’s why we came up with this list of tips that will help you ease the pain of task management.

Managing tasks can be a hassle sometimes. It’s stressful and time consuming to jump back into the flow if you lag behind on work for some reason. It’s the same for home-related tasks really. It’s easy to forget the little things on the homefront if something big is happening at work.

But if you follow these 5 simple tips, task management can be so much easier. Let’s have a look!

Tip no. 1 for task management: Use a task management tool

One can’t really deny the benefits that comes with SaaS task management tools, even though you might still prefer the old fashioned ways like post-it notes. It’s much easier to manage tasks while collaborating with others, makes it possible for you to bring your task list with you anywhere (something that’s extremely useful for avid remote workers), and it’s better for the environment.

There’s plenty of task management tools out there, each managing tasks in their own way. Trello is an excellent tool for managing tasks when working on multiple projects. It lets you create boards where you can collect all tasks relevant to the project at hand. Wünderlist is great for managing small tasks like booking time with the hairdresser or setting up reminders for when you need to pick up the kids at the kindergarten.

Correlate is a great tool to manage tasks related to documents or files stored on your cloud drives. Create a checkbox and add a link to the document that it relates to. This makes it much easier for you and your teammates to jump right in on the task.

There’s really no “ultimate” task management tool out there. There’s plenty of good alternatives, but you should really just play around with them to find your favorite.

Tip no. 2 for task management: Keep your tasks structured

By this, we mean that you should find a way to separate tasks in some way. The list of tasks can be extremely long at times, which may make your task list hard to manage. It’s really a bad idea to combine all projects you’re engaged in at work with tasks that needs to be done on the homefront.

Organizing your tasks properly is a great way for you to be managing tasks better

Find a way to divide them up a bit. Maybe it would make sense to use multiple task management tools for different purposes. Let’s look at the three options we presented above:

  • Trello could be used as a way of managing projects at work. It’s easy to collaborate on a board with others, so everyone in your project team can have a nice overview of the tasks at hand in one single board.
  • Wünderlist could work as the platform for managing simple tasks at home, like picking up the kids at school, or something like that.
  • Correlate could be used as a tool to manage bigger home-related projects, like a house renovation. You could make a checklist with boxes like “buy paint” and then add a link to the website where they sell the paint.

Tip no. 3 for task management: Collaborate with others

In this article, we’ve already covered how this can make you save plenty of time at work. But it’s definitely something that also makes it easier to manage tasks. Here’s why:

First, tasks need to be done with efficiency and quality in mind. You may not always have the right competence to do every task with the best end result possible. There might be someone you know that can do some tasks better than yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Task management shouldn't be done by yourself. Work with your team.

Second, managing tasks isn’t just about getting things done. It’s also about knowing what needs to be done. The chances of missing out on important tasks is not that big with more people involved.

Tip no. 4 for task management: Avoid multitasking

Multitasking is never a good idea, for many reasons. Take a look at this article by, explaining that our brain isn’t built for multitasking.

Studies have shown that multitasking isn't good for you and your brain.

Related to managing tasks, multitasking can affect many aspects. A very important one is that it’s hard to keep track of how many hours you’ve used on the task.

This actually brings us over to the last tip on our list.

Tip no. 5 for task management: Set up a deadline for each of your tasks

This is a great way to increase your productivity and make sure that your tasks gets done within your workday. You can challenge yourself to get more done on an average day. That way you can hit new goals and perform better at work or get more done at home.

Knowing when you plan on getting things done can help both you and others on their productivity.

It’s also much easier to collaborate with others, as it gives others an indication of when tasks will be done.

That’s our quick guide to make task management just a little bit less painful. A good start would be to figure out which task management tools are the right ones for you, and in which situation you should use them. After that follow the other tips and you should be good to go!