Introducing our new Tech Lead: Norbert Kéri!

We’re stacking up on developer resources. To start off, we introduce our new Tech Lead: Norbert

By Kristian Male

Published on August 1, 2018

After a long and intense recruitment period, we’ve finally found our lead tech guy. Kickstarting a period of gearing up our development team, we are proud to introduce Norbert as Correlate’s new Tech Lead.

After starting his career in his homeland Hungary, Norbert moved on to face new and exciting challenges up in the northern tech startup scene. Being a true hands-on developer, he loves experimenting with multiple applications and languages with a passion for Rust and Kubernetes. When asking the guy about software development, you immediately understand he’s a true developer’s developer with a deep passion for his craft.

After working in several tech companies over the past 10 years across many industries, Norbert’s biggest challenge in the field of software has been keeping the entropy out. Regardless of the groundbreaking, disruptive, and innovative goals of companies he’s worked with, the conversation often ends up with how to manage legacy software and code. His  recommendations are always be the same: keep the legacy at bay and bring updated resources to the table.

Quick facts

Norbert Kéri: Tech Lead
Internal Office Title: Bear Farmer
Fun fact: Dream job to raise bears on the bear farm in Flå
Likes: Psybient and Squashball
Dislikes: Hip Hop and knekkebrød

Question 1: What was your motivation for joining the team?

There’s two main reasons why: Correlate is in a unique position where there aren’t really anything similar on the market yet. A tool like this is needed now more than ever as we all live in chaotic digital spheres that’s very hard to keep tabs on.

Second, the app is based on older versions we can draw knowledge from, making it a greenfield project. This means we build the new application using experience from the previous one, but none of the baggage.” – Norbert Kéri

Question 2: What will Norbert bring to the team?

“With his passion for web app development, microservice architecture, and dev-ops Norbert is bringing the professional skills needed to build solid, maintainable, and scalable software solutions.

On top of his technical skills, Norbert brings diversity to the team as the first non-norwegian hire in the company. It’s also great to have someone else at the office that shares our quirky taste in music. Time to turn up the volume!” – Phillip Grønvold

Norbert is ready to bring his experience and dedication to help lift Correlate to the next level. As the first hire of many to come, Norbert will have a key role in helping build up and shape our development team, including resources such as front-end development and design. Click here to have a look at our open positions at Correlate.

Interesting in reading more about the team at Correlate? Read about a normal day in the office for our CEO Phillip Grønvold in this blog post.

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