Last week we kicked off the new year by strapping on boots and skis, and jumping right out in the slopes of Oslo Winter Park. It was time to blow off some steam, have fun, and brainstorm new concept and feature ideas.

Oslo Winter Park is the closest alpine area to the city of Oslo. Being only a 20 minute drive or 50 minute subway ride from our office downtown, it’s the perfect place for a company getaway. We couldn’t have picked a better morning either, after a full night with heavy snow falling from the sky. Additionally, we were among the first 5 groups with skis on for the day, making the slopes completely fresh. Eagerly we jumped into boots and skis in a desperate attempt to be the first to race down the mountain.

There’s plenty of good memories to look back at for the team. Me spending the first 30 mins trying on 4 different pairs of rental boots before I found a pair that fit, the friendly team competition at the parks own speed test section, a few hotdogs and waffles for lunch, and of course Kristian meeting a cross country skier when he somehow got lost in the woods after accidentally going out of bounds.

Getting down to business in the ski lift

Dragging ourselves out off the office was a great way to make ideas flow. The fresh winter air helped us reflect upon how to further develop Correlate and make it even more awesome. The ski lifts breaks gave us time to brainstorm ideas for future integrations, concepts, potential partners, and new hires.

Don’t forget that we are still looking for new people to join our ranks. The positions include Tech Lead, Front-End Developer and Head of Marketing, to name a few. Read more about our open positions by clicking here.

PS: Company-sponsored ski passes to Oslo Winter Park is a small and friendly perk you get as a member of our team. So if you’re ready to join us on our next trip down the mountainside, apply now!