The digitalization of schools are coming, and will change the way homework works.

Cloud technology is changing human behaviour, there’s no doubt about that. Lets look at how kids and students are doing homework in the age of cloud computing. 

The world is moving online and to the cloud. Meetings are being held through services like Skype and Hangout, documents and photos are shared through cloud storage services, and so on. Of course the educational environment aren’t an exception.

So what’s the different aspects that’s changing the way homework is being done? Let’s have a look.

Is Cloud Technology Changing Classroom Life?

High school kids are encouraged to do more group work and what better way than to collaborate using cloud technology. On major projects, students can work on a shared document and communicate with their group or any other classmate. They actually don’t have to sit in the same room anymore!

Homework Has Already Changed

We’re in the age of online homework, meaning students ‘bringing home’ their homework is uncommon nowadays. Undergoing assignments at home on the computer followed by submitting them via Google Drive now makes more sense than ever.

“Just click ‘Share’ and your teachers have it.” Task, complete.

Collaboration Between Students

It’s easy to see who’s putting in the most work when students work on assignments using cloud drives services. If the assignments are handed in through these platforms, it’s easy to see which group member that deserves the most credit. It’s also easy to find the students that prefer to go for the last-minute sprint.

But what if not all kids have access to reliable WiFi or a laptop at home? This is typically a low number, and decreasing each year, at around only 20% of students. but still significant enough.

A great article from discusses the bandwidth capabilities of American schools, and how they’re ready for the digitalization that’s in front of them.

There’s always a workaround, though. Students will often opt for using mobile devices where access to a computer isn’t possible.

Accountability in Cloud-Based Classrooms

Students are now able to look up assignments, details, notes etc and gather the resources they need in order to complete tasks. There are now tools such as PowerSchool so parents are able to track grades and keep track of current assignments.

The days of rooting through your kid’s school bag in search of homework yet to be completed could be numbered. As a result, some parents may feel as though they’re losing control here.

However, it seems students are gaining flexibility with cloud technologies like Google Drive and also an increased sense of responsibility for their group projects. Teachers too are able to gain access to student’s work assignments as they’re being submitted. This gives them much more control over who’s done what.

Has cloud technology produced positive results on the educational system? It seems the effects are still trickling through the school systems across the world, but this cloud-based technology should be seen as a solution to many problems surrounding work-flexibility and not just for student group projects, but individual assignments too.

One things is for sure though. Whether or not cloud technology exists, students still don’t really like doing homework. Sadly there’s no change there.

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