Partnerships, especially involving resellers, are essential in the business world when it comes to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Value-added resellers are always looking for partners that not only supply a great SaaS solution, but also support them with taking the product to market in what I call the “hand holding” approach. Resellers of all types and SaaS vendors need each other equally as much. To have a complete and comprehensive portfolio is an ´order winner´ for Value adding resellers.

Resellers are looking straight at their SaaS vendors for answers on how to sell and market the solutions to their customers. Resellers need to make sure they are not only choosing a great service, but also that they are choosing a great partner who will educate and train them.

How to make sure you’re choosing the right SaaS vendor that brings strategic business value

With small SaaS vendors there is always risks connected to them, like “if they get too big they will forget me!”, “what happens if they go out of business?” or “will they really help us do business?”. That’s why the answer is based on a number of factors:

Signs of a strong partnership

It is extremely important that the reseller has a single point of contact inside the SaaS vendor’s organization committed to the relationship. This contact should be able to pull knowledge from anywhere within the organization to assist the Reseller with just about anything. There needs to be a living, breathing relationship for the investment to have a chance at success. The communication between the parties should be fast and efficient.

Two-way communication with SaaS vendors

In Correlate we strive to have two-way communication as feedback from our partners – and of course customers – is essential for us to be able to further develop our partnership and products.


The vendor should offer up front training at the start of the relationship. Correlate provides this in our partner kit that is a one stop shop for information and inspiration. From how to use the service, to how to market it and information on who to reach in support, sales, and more. Correlate will never keep our reseller in the dark.


Ask yourself this: are you aware of the strategy of the vendor? Do they sell direct or only via channels? At Correlate we pride ourselves on transparency, and part of our value proposition is – ´we are adding value to you existing services´. Your success is ours!

Partner resources

Resources could range from access to sales engineers, the support team, technical team and documentation, to marketing resources. The more tools the reseller has available, the higher chance for success. A SaaS vendor focused on the resellers business objectives will be equipped with these tools. These are found in the Correlate partner kit. Correlate also wants our partners to know that we are happy to answer any questions or concerns they have.

Innovation and Success

Resellers don’t want to end up with a vendor that fails to innovate. This sadly happens all too often. SaaS vendors like Correlate should be committing to help you offer the best solutions available on the market now and into the future. If the we are not continuously improving the product, we know that the resellers end-users will be looking for alternatives.

Innovation for SaaS vendors and resellers are key to success

Relationships die on the vine all too often. No new products, features or enhancements are released. The relationship dies when there is nothing new to tell the resellers customers about. Innovation is the key to long term success! With so many SaaS vendors in the market, it can be hard for resellers to choose correctly. Look beyond the software product and to the true business value that the SaaS vendor provides. Resellers are an extension of the Correlate team and we want to make sure they are selling the best services in the market.