The best cloud storage apps for Android in 2017

Instantly accessible cloud storage on mobile devices is now standard. Long gone are the days of ‘having’ to carry around heavy external hard drives and 32GB USB sticks. We now have the convenience and ease of using cloud storage on a consumer level via some great apps.

Now that 2017 has come to an end, let’s look at some best cloud storage apps for Android for the past year.

With a great lineup of tools to streamline your cloud sharing experience, we can easily share files with anyone. Each of these apps has favourable features over the others but unique in their offering.

Now, let’s take a look at our favorite cloud storage apps for Android.

1. Dropbox app

Our first pick among the best cloud storage apps for Android. For some android users you may have this pre-installed, but if you don’t head over to Play Store asap! It’s a fantastic app to use Dropbox’s cloud storage solution. Normal users can expect 2GB of free storage when you sign up or upgrade to receive 1TB at $9.99 p/month ($99.99 p/yr).

Auto photo upload is a great feature of this app along with easy sharing options and MS Office support – a great option for most users of cloud services.

A recent update gave their users the ‘Offline’ function, which allows them to access documents without a network connection.

2. Amazon Drive app

A great place to start for users of Amazon’s ‘Prime’ service, with 5GB of free storage and unlimited media backup, and an upgrade option to get UNLIMITED STORAGE for $60 p/yr. The app works well with easy access to all your online files, and has a cool feature that lets you see where your storage is being used.

It supports automatic backup and is completely secure. Just remember that uploading files larger than 2GB will have to be done via desktop.

3. Google Drive app

For Android users, going for Google’s very own drive platform probably seems like a no-brainer? You’d expect so because of its extensive functionality, user-friendly features and the fact that it’s the de-facto cloud storage option on a new android phone.

You’re given 15GB of free storage as a new signup plus it’s feature-rich integration of Google’s Docs, Sheets, Presentations etc. It’s undeniably versatile!

If you’re using Google Drive on desktop, you really must use this.

4. Box app

Another free app from the Google Play store, Box offers 10GB of free storage with an upload limit of 250MB. The first upgrade level is $10 p/month for 100GB and a 5GB upload limit. It has many useful features, including offline access and a very simple & organized UI.

Microsoft OneDrive app

Offering a free online storage, as many other apps do, Microsoft has been recently working hard to ensure easy and careful integration with many of its software products.

Are you a Microsoft Office user? This app was primed for you giving accessibility to Word, Excel and Powerpoint files and more.

There is an optional feature of automatic photo and video backup plus some great sharing features made in a simple way for enhanced usability. 5GB of free storage is a great way to utilize it for personal use.

Integration with ‘Android Wear’ is another cool feature of this app. A cost of $100 p/yr will provide access to 5TB of storage and Office 365 Home Edition, whereas $70 will provide 1TB but only for a single user rather than up to five for the more expensive plan.

There are other excellent feature-rich apps like Mediafire & Mega to name a couple, but this list should at least give you somewhere to start with how to efficiently simplify your cloud storage options on an Android device.

work with multiple cloud accounts using one single tool

That’s our take on the best cloud storage apps for Android. Some might end up with an account for more than just one of these cloud storage providers, and managing each account on its own platform consumes a lot of unnecessary time. Learn how you can scrap multiple cloud platforms and combine them using Correlate by reading this blog post.