Why cloud technology is stressing you out

January 31, 2018 in Cloud Services, Product

Cloud technology stress can be overwhelming. Do something about it!

Cloud technology is making our lives easier, flexible, reliable, more convenient and neater than ever. So why is cloud technology stress so common today?

There should be no reason to feel cloud technology is overwhelming you. It’s designed to make our lives ‘better’, keep our data safe, reduce costs for business, improve global and social communication.

So why are we stressed?

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5 basic tips for how you can organize your email inbox

January 24, 2018 in Tips & Tricks

Organize your email inbox by following these 5 simple tips

Up through the years, your email address have been distributed around to so many different people and companies. They often contact you either to sell you something, do business, or update you on what they’re doing.

This makes it important for you to organize your email inbox. That’s why we’ve created a list of email organizer ideas for you to get started.

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5 Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android from 2017

January 9, 2018 in Cloud Services

The best cloud storage apps for Android in 2017

Instantly accessible cloud storage on mobile devices is now standard. Long gone are the days of ‘having’ to carry around heavy external hard drives and 32GB USB sticks. We now have the convenience and ease of using cloud storage on a consumer level via some great apps.

Now that 2017 has come to an end, let’s look at some best cloud storage apps for Android for the past year.

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Are You Ready for a SaaS Reseller program?

January 3, 2018 in Partner

Set up your SaaS reseller program following these simple guidelines.

Having a scalable SaaS reseller program is a dream for any in the business. Everyone wants a global network of sales reps around the world representing their brand, and winning new business and keeping sales costs to a minimum.

Building a SaaS reseller program is hard work! Because you’ve received some interest from someone wanting to carry your SaaS doesn’t mean your SaaS reseller program is going to be a smash hit. In fact, building a successful, scalable SaaS reseller program requires more than just the ‘great’ product you have now, it requires a tremendous time investment for thought, execution and further development.

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