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Global First

Correlate was founded in 2015 as a born-global company located in Oslo, Norway. Over the last two years the Nordic region has one of the fastest growing regions for startups and investments. A perfect home for us to execute our vision.

FOQS Policy

We are a dedicated team that want to build solutions to make people's life online easier. Our guiding values are to always be Friendly, Open, Quality, and Simple.


Our vision is to cure the ever-growing digital chaos that exist online. We want to make it easy for our users to find things they have seen or stored ´somewhere´ - and make sure they never need to waste their time looking for it again.

International strength

Our background is very international after working in the Nordics, Europe, Asia and US - all together we have visited more than 80 countries. Of course, we were tourists during some of these visits :-)


To our support we have a board with broad and extensive professional background within a vast number of fields. The majority of our owners also has a proven record of successful ventures.

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Here's our faces :)

If you are really interested in learning more about each one of usjust click on our profiles. We'd love to meet new and interesting people, so just reach out on any social network or with an email.

Anastasia Buialo
UX Designer
Norbert Kéri
Tech Lead
Kristian Male
Digital Marketing Specialist
Daniel Hollosi
Full-Stack Developer

We're always looking for talent

We are looking for marketing people. Are you a talented Growth Hacker or a super Head of Marketing. Great! Get on it and send us your CV or a link to your LinkedIn page and become part of the team.


Cort Adelers gate 17
0254, Oslo


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