Hi from all of us at Correlate!

We’re a Norway-based software company with a passion for human-centered design. That passion led us to create a best-in-class tool for people to manage, organize and collaborate on information stored across different cloud services. Put simply, we wanted to connect clouds and give context to your content.

A solid foundation

Founded in a region that’s a springboard for startups
Correlate was founded in 2015 as a born-global company located in Oslo, Norway. Over the last two years, the Nordic region has been one of the fastest-growing regions for startups and investments, making it a perfect home for us to execute our vision.

Our vision for Correlate
Today, many of us know the struggles associated with the ever-growing digital chaos that exists online. Searching for a file can feel like looking for the proverbial needled in the haystack. By making it easy for our users to find things they have seen or stored “somewhere,” we envision a world where people never need to waste their time looking for the right file again.

Guiding values at Correlate
Making people’s online lives easier is a key area of interest for us, but no matter what we’re doing, we all see friendliness, openness, quality and simplicity as our guiding values.

International by nature

Our background is very international, with experts who’ve worked in the Nordics, Europe, Asia and US. All together, we have visited more than 80 countries, and we carry this global mindset with us always.

Proven track records

We are fortunate to have the support of board members who have broad, extensive professional backgrounds in a vast number of fields. The majority of our owners also have a proven record of successful ventures.

Meet the team behind the tech

We’re not your traditional productivity product — which is why we’re not your traditional team, either. Instead of having an office of employees in one location, we’ve brought together folks from around the globe to form an innovative team of experts, with some of us in the same city (Oslo!) and others all over the world, including Ukraine, Slovenia, Germany, United Kingdom and Brazil. We love to meet new and interesting people, so don’t be shy ⁠— reach out at hello@correlate.com.


VP of Product




CTO and lead developer


Creative director


Usability specialist


Project manager


Full-stack developer


Back-end developer


Front-end developer


Mobile and front-end developer


Front-end developer


Business developer


Design strategist


Content marketer


Project manager


Digital producer


Editorial strategist


Funder and founder


Board member

We’re always looking for talent

Are you a talented growth hacker or a super head of marketing? Great! We are looking for marketing people who can help us showcase the many benefits of Correlate. Simply send us your CV or a link to your LinkedIn page to apply to become part of our amazing team.

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