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Save time, collaborate, and be more productive. Plan and follow up a project or a process. Stop spending time searching for information.

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  • “Correlate helped us work together much more efficiently. We really liked that it was so easy to get started, share info and collaborate on our school assignments. Read more
    Jeanett and Kjell-Kristian
    Students @ BI Norwegian Business School
  • “The product is intuitive and easy to use. Correlate is great for due diligence and business plan development, as well as project management. Read more
    Per Rødland
    Project Manager @ Akkadia
  • Correlate makes it easy to gather relevant information and keep it until I need it. Each project has a lot of tasks to be planned and followed up. I also need to search for a lot of info from vendors, forums and magazines. Read more  ”
    Petrol head
  • “Correlate makes it possible for me to find and store info about interesting objects. By sharing with my husband we could work together on this - even that i was on the other side of the globe - in another time zone. Read more
    Retro nerd

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Correlate can be used to solve many of your daily tasks, to be effective and collaborate. Here you can see HOW it can be done. Check it out and find answers to all you want to know about Correlate.

The product

  • Organize stuff better.
  • Save time - search and find.
  • Collaborate.
  • Connect your clouds.
  • Integrations
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The tools

  • Bookmarking
  • Note taking
  • Check lists
  • Find and organize things
  • Comments
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The details

  • Introduction
  • Set up Correlate
  • The basics
  • Tips & tricks
  • The Correlate interface
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