Everything your project needs, all in one place

Life's too short to spend battling your way through digital chaos. With Correlate, you can integrate your email and cloud storage accounts into a single, customizable view.

Make the most of boards and templates to manage your projects and to-do lists, leaving you free to focus on more important things — like outdoor adventures, the latest novel or an inspirational TED Talk.

Cut down on clicks

With so many different programs, it can be easy to lose track of who said what and where that file was saved. Thanks to our powerful, intuitive cross-channel search function, you can quickly find messages, attachments, tasks and appointments across a variety of programs. Simple.

(We can’t help you find those messages that you thought you sent but never did, though. Sorry.)

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Group 92

Say no to cliques

Whether your project pulls together information from Gmail or Outlook, Google Drive or OneDrive, Dropbox or another compatible platform, Correlate breaks down the barriers between those in traditionally incompatible groups (like Google and Microsoft), offering everyone the flexibility to bring it all together in one easy-to-use location.


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Delegate and track

Thanks to Correlate, the days of separate lists and multiple calendars are gone. With our streamlined system, you can easily convert everything from files to notes to to-dos into items, assign them to others (whether that’s family members, friends and/or colleagues), and get auto-alerts when they’re being worked on and when they’ve been completed.


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Designed for security

Security in our increasingly digital world is more important than ever. Correlate is designed to give you flexibility with and control over your digital files, making it easy for you to securely share the right files with the right people. Every communication through Correlate is encrypted to the highest standards, and your files are only stored in their original source location, never with us.


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