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The easy and intuitive tool that integrates with popular services, to help increase your productivity

Visualize and sort out your information easily

Drag and drop images, documents, links, notes, or anything you want really. Organize it all with
Correlate maps.

Share your ideas and

Working together is more than sharing files. It's collaborating, discussing, taking notes and assigning tasks. All this, and more, becomes easier with Correlate.

Follow important projects
with shared checklists

Create checklists relating to your online files or links, directly inside Correlate. Work together on a project with shared checklists to do more, with less hassle.


Correlate improves the way you manage information

Information comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are working
on a school project, home-improvement, or planning your next team building event, Correlate provides the tools.

Popular integrations are already available and more are on the way.

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Correlate enhances the online services you already use. Quickly find and access all your data regardless of where it’s stored, from any device. The largest online storage and mail services are already integrated, more are added all the time.

Easy to start, simple to use


Works on all your devices

Always find what you are looking for on any device. Correlate is made to be used on any computer or smartphone, anytime, anywhere.

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