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Correlate connects your cloud services. Organize and find files, take notes, and collaborate with anyone.

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Organize your online content

Drag and drop files, like images, documents, links, notes, or anything you want to Correlate. It's your one place to save anything that is important.

Organize your online content

Share your ideas and

Working together is more than sharing files. It's collaborating, discussing and taking notes. All this, and more, becomes easier with Correlate.

Share your ideas and<br />

Follow important projects
with shared checklists

Create checklists relating to your online files or links, directly inside Correlate. Work together on a project with shared checklists to do more, with less hassle.

Follow important projects<br />
with shared checklists

Correlate improves the way you manage stuff

Correlate is your bridge between cloud services. Whether you are working on a school project, home improvement, or at the office, Correlate provides the tools to save time.

Popular services are already available, and more are on the way.

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Correlate enhances the online services you already use. Quickly find and access all your data regardless of where it’s stored, from any device. The largest online storage and mail services are already integrated, more are added all the time.

Locate and manage all your emails from Outlook within Correlate. Do you have important emails related to a project you’re working on? Map out the emails along with all other relevant information, like Word documents or Excel sheets. (Integration coming soon).

Are you using Google Drive to collaborate on documents with your teammates? Try organizing your Docs, Sheets and Slides with Correlate, and sharing maps with all your collaborators. Maybe you could add in some relevant emails from Gmail too?

Does your OneDrive start to stack up way too many Word documents or Excel sheets? Try organizing them based on what projects they belong to and share entire maps with whomever you’d like.

Correlate allows you to browse and locate all files stored within your Dropbox account. If you’re using more than one Dropbox, integrate them all to Correlate and search across accounts to find the file you’re looking for.

Easy to start, simple to use.

Always find what you are looking for on any device. Use Correlate to map out files and content stored on your cloud services with your PC and tablets, and browse through your maps using your phone.

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